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Exotic Deck Flooring

Made of hardwood species selected from worldwide origins, our Exotic Decking goes through the process of standard kiln-drying and is treated with moisture-prevention substance to keep away the problems of fungus and termites and thus extend the longevity of wood. The surface is of corrugated texture to help avoid slippery when rain-soaked and thus provides safety for children and old people. The installation area is treated with anti-termite and anti-fungus chemical. Your terrace will look naturally beautiful and bring the feeling of warmth to your home.

Outstanding Features:

  • Suitable for terrace and poolside for anti-slippery purpose.
  • Not easy to crack when exposed to strong sunshine and not as easy to break as that made of plastic.
  • Strong, durable and not easy to be tarnished by abrasions
  • Naturally beautiful, bringing the feeling of warmth to your home.
  • Making your home cooler than the use of such materials as cement or plastic because wood is a better kind of heat-insulation.